Antique Late Seventeeth Century French Religious Framed Painting on Copper

****SOLD**A poignant and glowing antique copper plate painting, it originates from a collection near Marseilles and dates towards 1760. The painting has been framed in a nineteenth century frame (towards 1860).

Copper plates were used instead of canvas during both the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The copper underneath gives a distinct luminescent quality to the painted image. These small religious pieces were often works of itinerant artists who traveled from place to place selling devotional paintings for private homes.

The scene is religious with a representation of Saint John carrying the cross of Christ. The painting is oil on copper. The copper plate is placed underneath a wooden frame (acanthus leaves, flowers and leaves have plaster over wood). The frame was at one time gilded but only traces of gilt remain. The frame shows a thick layer of paint with come wood showing through at the middle right side. The back of the piece still retains the original framing etiquette from the 19th century "M. Deroy Specialite D'Encadrements"

The framed painting measures: 8 1/4" x 6 1/2". The frame is 3/4" thick (not counting the height to the corners which is an additional 5/8"). The copper plate measures: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". The painting and frame are in very good antique condition: the painting has darkened and would benefit from cleaning, the painting has moved slightly upward in the frame showing a 1/4" space at the bottom (you can see the wooden backing). The frame has a few missing tips to the design as is typical with age and use. The corners of the frame have separated slightly from temperature changes but are intact (glue could be applied but we do not want to spoil the authentic nature of the piece since we are not the final owner). The patina of the frame is varied and dark as is typical with age and temperature changes.

It is a beautiful example from the late seventeenth century.

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