RARE Antique Napoleon III Era Silver Metallic Brocade French Tabernacle Veil

This is an elegant, small tabernacle veil which is made of very rare silver metallic brocade. The veil originates from a small parish in the Champagne region of France and dates c. 1870. We picture it over a tabernacle door in one photo to illustrate how it would have fit....we sell the veil only, the door is a photographic prop.

It has a very distinct "tent" shape when draping over a tabernacle. The top panel has a handworked medallion with the Christogram, JHS, embroidered in tiny gilt metallic coils with red silk outlines. The creme background has a frame of hand sewn gilt beads. A paper board has been placed underneath, which gives a pronounced effect. Many, many rays are worked in metallic coils and metallic threads. A wide scalloped border of silver and metallic thread fringe drapes across the bottom. The two side panels are sharply pleated . The fabric is so beautiful with raised roses and flowers; the hand/touch is just incredible. Matching silver and gilt metallic fringe adorn the inner sides. There is a pretty metallic braid which runs vertically down the panels as well as at the top of the upper panel.

The lining is of beautiful silk linen which has the softest, smoothest texture. There is a hand sewn band at the top which reinforces the pleats (you can see the very tiny hand stitches). There are hand sewn brass rings which were used for hanging. It measures: 24" tall, 17" wide at widest point, the JHS medallion is 1" in diameter. It is in amazing antique condition.

It is an unusual and extraordinary example.

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