Spectacular Antique 19th Century French Silk Chalice Veil with Crewel Work Applique Embroidery

***SOLD***The rich golden hue of the textured silk is the perfect background for the crimson, sapphire and deep greens of the chenille threads. This is a chalice veil which would have draped over a tall communion chalice. It originates from the south of France and dates circa 1850.

The background fabric has a raised design which appears quilted, adding much dimension to the embroidered design.The top portion of the red silk backing is frayed which allows us to see the tiny hand worked crewel stitches. The chenille thread gives a raised appearance to each motif. The design features a circle of flowers which frame the central Christogram (executed in hand sewn gilt paillettes and red chenille....the "S" is mostly gone and their are missing sequins to the other two letters). Each flower rises from an open work stylized basket which has beautiful textures and patterns. The Christogram is encircled by a sunburst form which is made of red chenille and hand sewn gilt pailettes (some missing sequins throughout)

There is a gilt metallic braid on two sides and a gilt metallic fringe on the remaining two. The braid does need to be re-sewn as it is held in place by straight pins and a couple of staples (we are not qualified as seamstress so we sell the antique textile as we found it). It measures: 19" square. It is in good antique condition: sequins missing and wear and missing embroidery to the sunburst typical with use and wear and advanced age. All elements are original, the backing is frayed as noted. Please study the photos as they are the best description.

It is an incredibly beautiful and lavishly embellished textile with original materials.

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