Antique 19th Century French Embroidered Religious Chalice Veil

An exquisitely beautiful veil, it is adorned with the most beautiful border of green leaves. It originates from the Champagne region of France and dates circa 1890.

The large square of claret red silk damask has a repeating pattern of large flowers and leaves. The color is radiant and the design reflects both deep crimson , rich claret and rose pink. At the center, where the veil would have covered the chalice, is a Christogram, "IHS" which is worked in gilt metallic braid. There is a cross rising from the center of the "H". Tiny gilt paillettes (sequins) adorn the cross and initials. Alternating yellow silk embroidered leaves and rays of tiny and medium gilt paillettes surround the Christogram. A 1/4" circle of metallic braid serves as the center of the flower shape as well as a frame for the initials.

The embroidered border is 2 1/2" wide. It encircles the outer edge of the veil and presents a glorious scrolling wreath of green leaves and gilt metallic braid. Each leaf has three shades of green which imparts a very textural appearance. Tiny sequins are hand sewn into the design (missing sequins throughout). The outer edge has a hand sewn (you can see the pretty stitches on the lining) gilt metallic trim in the form of repeating fans. There is a 3" long gilt metallic fringe at the bottom edge. The back is lined with a beige silk/cotton and is hand sewn to the claret damask.

It measures: 20" x 22 1/2" (not including bottom fringe). It is in very good antique condition: some darkening to damask at the center, missing sequins/paillettes, some fading and a few spots on back lining. Please review the photos carefully as they are the best description.

It is a majestic example with the utmost in textural silk and metallic adornment.

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