Antique Gilded Brass French Nineteenth Century Diadem Madonna Santos Crown

****SOLD**A vibrant Santos Crown, is adorned with green, red, and clear glass stones. It originates from a small collection in the Champagne region of France and dates towards 1900.

It is a pretty crown for a smaller statue. It measures 2” tall at the front and the sides taper down to 1 & 1/2” tall. It has a diameter of 3 & 1/2” and a circumference of 9 & 3/4”. It has an elegant cast gilded brass form with arabesques and half globes. The bottom band is embellished with clear faceted glass stones. There is a row of reverse arabesques which form a scalloped pattern above the half globes. Brilliant emerald glass stones are placed at the center of each arabesque.

There is a large stylized flower at the front center with one large faceted oval glass stone. It is surrounded by seven emerald glass stones which range in size. There are two pretty solid gilded brass (textured) flowers to the right and left, each set with a central ruby glass stone. Cascading downward, there are two stylized fleur de lis (embellished with red and clear stones) and two solid gilded brass flowers set with large central green stones.

The crown is in good antique condition. The form is still intact, there are no missing stones The patina of the brass and glass stones is brilliant. Please study the photos as they are the best description. We are happy to furnish more photos upon request.

It is a stunning example of religious decorative art from late 19th century France.

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