Antique Napoleon III Era French Gilded Santos Madonna Diadem Religious Crown

**SOLD**A stunning diadem crown, which was created to adorn a large statue of the Madonna, it originates from a fine religious collection and dates towards 1870.

This genre of diadem religious crown is specific to France. During the period of Napoleon III churches were radiantly furnished with fine gilded accessories, of a fine quality and fantastic design that was not repeated again in church decorative history.

This is a very fine example which is beautifully adorned with a large blue central stone accented by blue and clear stones. Blue s a very important color in the artistic traditions of Christianity with deep spiritual meanings. It is a sacred color which represents Mary's faithfulness.

The intricate form was cast from a mold in a mix of brass and bronze. Repeating arabesques scroll across the lower face with a large flower formed in arabesques at the center. The bottom band front is adorned with clear bezel set faceted stones. The arabesques are embelished with brilliant blue glass faceted stones. There is a very large central (beautifully faceted) glass stone which radiates prisms of light. Two faceted cabochon glass stones flank the center. Added to the design are six textured half globes and four very life like curving leaves. The back band has three notches on the right and one tiny notch on the left for threading a wire to adjust the crown to the specific statue.

It measures: 3" tall at the center tapering to 1" at either side. The large central stone measures 7/8" tall. The diameter tapers from 5 1/2" to 4 3/4" depending on the notch used. It is in exceptional condition for it's age: Some slight irregular bends typical to use and age. All glass stones are present. The patina is amazing, it could be polished to a higher shine but we choose to leave the original patina. The structure is sound.

These authentic example in good condition are impossible to find in today's market. This is an exception work of religious decorative art from a magnificent period in French ecclesiastic history.

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