Antique Napoleon III Era Gilded Bronze Religious Crown with Champleve Enamel Medallions

***SOLD***An unusual example, it has three champleve enamel medallions which are bezel set across the face. It originates from the south of France and dates from the period of Napoleon III, 1850.

The face of the diadem crown is a cast work with extremely intricate cut work. Floating across the face are scrolls, arabesques, flowers, rosettes and acanthus leaves. An amazing 62 clear glass stones (two stones missing from the original 64) are bezel set into this beautiful design, imparting sparkling light amongst bronze work.

At the top center is a large rosette which has a 1" diameter champleve enamel center. Champleve work was in favor during the period of Napoleon III. A metal base with cut work design created channels into the surface. This was filled by heated colored enamel to create beautifully textured plaques. There are two matching enamel medallions to the left and right.

The bottom band creates a channel which is filled by 28 clear bezel set stones. The back band of the crown has seven notches of adjustment. It measures: 7" in diameter (front to back, last notch in band), 3 1/8" tall at front center cascading downward to 1 1/2" at either side. The central medallion is 1" in diameter (slight chip 10 o'clock position); the two side enamel medallions 3/4" in diameter. It is in good antique condtion: There is one thin band missing across the top from the left acanthus leaf to the rosette. There are irregular bends as is typical with age. The gilt has worn to a burnished patina. There are two missing stones.

It is a very rare example, possibly a gift for a specific statue (ornamentations were given to parishes in thanksgiving of miracles or prayers answered).

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