Antique Nineteenth Century French Gilded Brass Diadem Crown With Large Glass Stone Mounts

An unusual and magnificent crown, it originates from Belgium and dates towards 1850.

The structure of the crown begins with 1” wide band which serves as a mounting channel for exquisite glass stones. Each stone has very fanciful bezels which are adorned with flowers and fleur de lis. They are set into the crown with a bending band (the right green stone band needs to be pulled though and bent more) This type of stone mount is typical of crowns from 1850-1870. The stones are emerald, rose, sapphire and citrine (glass).

The large curved face is a handsome repousse brass work which features a stylized vase holding fanciful fern leaves. Large flowers flank to the left and right. The leaves of the flowers raised bands and the center of the flowers consists of a small half globe. At the top center front is a three globe finial. From this point the height of the crown cascades downward with arabesques, acanthus leaves and scrolls. Continuing to the back, there is a band with two holes of adjustment.

It measures 5 1/4” tall--cascading to 2”:, 5” in diameter (in first notch). The stones are large, 1/2” - 3/4”...beautiful original old glass stones. It is in very good antique condition with original stones.

It has an extraordinary presence due to the abnormally large full brass front panel. It is a handsome work of decorative metal art from the mid 19th century.

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