Antique Nineteenth Century French Gilded Brass Religious Diadem Santos Crown

***SOLD***A striking Santos crown, it would have adorned a large statue of the Virgin Mary. It originates from a small religious collection found in France and dates towards 1880.

The form was cast in brass (from a mold) then gilded to give it a jewel-like appearance. Arabesques, teardrops and leaves fill the large diadem face. The bottom band is embellished with twenty one bezel set glass stones. The face has three flowers formed by glass stones: the central flower had a large topaz glass center, the two side flowers a ruby glass center. Clear glass stones surround each colored stone. An enthusiastic number of rose stones appear to dance across the top center. The face is angled forward so that the crown appears at it's most magnificent when viewed from standing below.There are four notches of adjustment at the back band.

It measures: 4" to 4 1/2 inches in diameter depending on the notch used, 2 3/4" tall at the center, 1 1/4" tall at the finish point of the arabesque design. It is in very good antique condition: the patina is brilliant, a slight few odd bends in brass as is typical with age and use. The stones are all present, a slight few replacements as is typical.

It is an exquisite religious crown with a wonderful history and provenance from a French Catholic Church.

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