LARGE French Silver Figural Sacred Heart Ex Voto Notre Dame de Lourdes

***SOLD***The mounted sculptural figure of "Notre Dame de Lourdes" adorns the center of this very large ex voto. It originates from a fine collection in the south of France and dates towards 1880.

The name, "Notre Dame de Lourdes" (or Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes) is French for "Our Lady of Lourdes". It refers to the Marian apparition that is reported to have appeared before various individuals in separate occasions around Lourdes, France.

This an unusually is large "pendentif" (meant for hanging) sacred heart, measuring 3" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" tall. The heart is extra "puffy" and measures 1 1/4" tall from the tabletop. The large 2-D Madonna figure is prayerful and peaceful. The figure is incredibly detailed, you can see the serene expression on Mary's face, the details of her robes, the hanging rosary and cross (from her arm). Under her bare feet are the words "Jesus L'Immaculee Conception": under this reads N.D. de Lourdes. The beauty of the piece is enhanced by large and very finely engraved palm fronds which gracefully curve up from the sides to provide a frame for "Our Lady of Lourdes". The engraving is very fine, consisting of tiny hand tooled marks with fine ribbon-like engraved lines filling in the leaf form.

There is a mounted ring at the top center to thread a rope or chain through. There are two silver hallmarks, sanglier, on the top and bottom sides of the heart. It is in very good antique condition: there are a few light indentations and light scratching at the center back from age and use. The door works properly.

It is a very special devotional commemorative sacred heart example.

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