RARE Tremblant Antique Nineteenth Century French Gilded Brass Diadem Santos Crown

****SOLD***This is a rarely found “tremblant” Santos crown, bearing three flowers at the front diadem which are mounted to project forward and “tremble” ever so slightly. This gorgeous crown originates from a private collection in Bourgogne and dates towards 1870. This crown would have been adorned a sacred statue of the Virgin Mary.

The tremblant form gives the face of the gilded brass diadem crown an added dimensional luxuriousness. The crown begins with a lower band which is set with clear, glass stones. The upward slanting face frame is filled by arabesques, acanthus leaves and scrolls. This field is embellished with larger clear glass stones dispersed throughout the design. There are three glass stone (bezel set) gilded brass flowers which are placed on supports which cause them to stand away forward from the crown face. The top edge has a large scalloped form which is set with clear bezel set stones.

The crown measures 2 & 1/4” tall at the front and tapers down to 1” on the sides. It measures 4” across in diameter and it has a 10” circumference at the bottom band. It is in very good antique condition: There is one missing stone behind the top right flower: the gilded patina is brilliant.

It is an impressive example. The sharp forward angle to the face imparts an optical illusion of great height when viewed from below. Tremblant crowns are almost extinct in today’s market, remaining cherished parts of fine old collections. This is a fine representative of the elegant and jewel-like workmanship which adorned a precious statue of the Madonna.

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