Sumptuous Antique Religious Nineteenth Century Gilded Brass Santos Diadem Crown with Glass Stones

***SOLD***The extravagantly large number of inset glass stones give this crown a true regal countenance. It is an authentic antique (NOT reproduction) which originates from Paris and dates towards 1880.

This type of crown is known as a diadem crown, intended to grace statue of the Virgin Mary. The scrolling frame is formed from gilded brass and was fashioned by a fine craftsman in a Parisian atelier which specialized in beautiful religious adornments.

There is a double row of bezel set clear glass stones which make up the band which rests on the head of Mary. Thirty-eight clear glass stones in the channels, reflecting prisms of light. Gilded brass arabesques and scrolls form a wide and elegant design (measuring 2” high at the center and 4” from side to side). There are 43 red, blue and clear glass stones inset into the pattern. A central large oval glass stone is flanked by six large clear glass stones.

There are six slots for adjusting the size of the crown (3 1/2” to 4 1/4” in diameter). The adjusting band is sturdy and sound. The crown is in very good antique condition. The work is of high quality and the crown is heavy for it’s size. It would have been an expensive purchase at the time.

It is a fine example of metal workmanship and a sumptuous piece of religious art.

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