This item has SOLD**Antique Eighteenth Century French Religious Convent Work Embroidery Panel

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***A beautiful eighteenth century example, it dates circa 1790. It originates from the south of France.

The embroidery work would have been fashioned by a sister within the convent. The sisters of the period excelled in fine needlework, which amazingly was worked in candlelight. The scene is placed on woven burlap which shows through (you can see the wide weave of the fabric) in the background of the panel. The silk yarn colors are beautiful, colors that originate from natural dyes. At each corner is a stylized marigold colored fleur de lis. Arabesques worked in crimson, loden green and marigold yellow cascade beneath the fleur de lis. Pretty bluebell flowers accent the top and bottom center. The large medallion at the center has a standing figure of Christ worked in very fine embroidery stitches. He holds a cross in his right hand, wears a crown of thorns and has a golden halo behind His head. The flowing medallion frame is worked in marigold yellow with crimson, rose and loden green accents.

The outer edge has an exquisite border of hand crocheted metallic thread lace. There is a metallic ribbon which runs along the inside edge of the lace. (bits of ribbon are missing as is typical with age). The back of the work is beautiful revealing the tedious work and tiny stitches used to create the image. It measures: 25" x 25" (including the crochet metallic lace. The central medallion measures 11" tall. It is in good antique condition for it's advanced age of over 200 years. There is two bleeding of the thread (red) on Christ's robe and to the upper right (blue) of his shoulder. There are bits of missing embroidery but the design is still visible and the central figure is intact. Please study the photos as they are a vital part of a textile description.

The lusciousness of the materials, with the natural hues and textures is exquisitely beautiful. It is a wonderful eighteenth century religious textile, which has survived through the care of loving hands from the past.

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