About Us

As a French antique dealer of more than twenty years, I found myself obsessively drawn to European ecclesiastical objects. From church ornamentation to small reliquaries, each one had a special purpose in a devotional setting. Finding these treasures opened many fascinating doors into the history of ecclesiastical antiques, from the 16th century to the gilded age of Napoleon III. 

I travel to Europe often and carefully hand select each item in my shop, focusing on quality, history and rarity. During the last 75 years so many of the small parishes in Europe have closed, which resulted in the dispersement of the exquisite ornamentation and devotional relics into the antique markets. Today it becomes harder and harder to find these precious examples, as they rest in museums and fine collections.

Each object has a meaningful history and has served in a place of faith, hope, love and devotion. In our fast paced world, we have need of these peaceful antiques, to bring the qualities of their service in the past to our modern spirits and homes.