This item has SOLD**Majestic Antique French Convent Work Sacred Heart Crown of Thorns Hanging Reliquary


The puffy red velvet Sacred Heart seems to float in mid-air at the center of this beautiful reliquary. It originates from the Champagne region of France and dates circa 1900.

The frame is lovely with an oval cast brass outer mount. At the top of the mount is a stylized fleur de lis and the bottom a stylized cartouche. A 1/2" wide wooden frame (black lacquer) is connected to a 1/8" pressed brass inner frame.

The inner design is placed on a field of gold fabric. There is an inner frame of die-cut gilt paper fleur de lis. The heart is of red velvet and has a very delicate paper crown of thorns crossing the center. A larger paper crown of thorns encircles the outer rays of the heart. Hand cut gilt paper rays are mounted beneath the heart as is a hand cut gilt foil paper cross. There is an oval gilt paper frame beneath the cross with a tiny relic. The entire design is placed under glass with a shadowbox effect (1/2" deep).

The back of the reliquary is covered in silver brocade paper of the period There is a brass mount at the top center with a large circle (brass with a cast design) for threading a ribbon or chain. It measures 5 1/2" tall, 3 1/4" wide and 7/8" deep. It is in very good antique condition.

Convent work is highly individual with clever use of materials donated and found. The delicate design work of this wonderful example is spectacularly executed.

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