This Item has SOLD***Antique 18th Century French Gilded Wooden Sacred Heart Religious Tabernacle Door

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***A beautifully gilded tabernacle door, it originates from the south of France (Marseille) and dates to the end of the 18th century (1790). It was part of a small collection of religious tabernacle doors.

The patina of the gilt is specific to the late eighteenth century with warm under tones of red. This type of gilding is enhanced by the passage of time, taking on a rich and burnished patina. The door is of solid French white oak. It is thick, 1 3/8". The outer edges have been curved to give importance to the front panel which is raised a bit above the edges. The panel has a 1/4" raised frame. The carved gilded wood festoon at the bottom curves upward and consists of flowers and leaves accented by a cenetral half shell. It is attached with small tacks. There are two angel heads surrounded by wings above the festoon.

The pierced sacred heart has a band of roses crossing the center. It is also attached to the wooden door by small tacks. The gilding has worn and the gilt and lacquer have crazing lines from age and climate changes. The flame rises upward with beautiful undulating movement. The key hold has a has a missing bit of wood to the right (at the front) where the lock work is attached at the back. The back is not painted and reveals the beautiful grain of the oak. The two door hinges are still attached.

It measures: 12 1/2" x 8 1/2". The pierced heart measures 6" x 5 1/2" (top of sword to tip). It is in very good antique condition, it is a solid and heavy door.

The simplicity of the heart, with the symbolic sword and band of roses is particularly striking. It has the simple but elegant beauty that is particular to 18th century ornamentation in the small parishes residing in south of France.

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