This item has SOLD Large Antique Nineteenth Century French Ecclesiastic Giltwork Banner

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***The thousands of gilt metallic threads which are woven into the fabric give this banner a brilliant and shimmering presence. It originates from France and dates towards 1890.

It is long and vertical, measuring 40" long and 9" wide. There is a 1" wide gilt metallic braid border around the entire edging. At the top of the banner is a stylized fleur de lis which is created by very fine gilt metallic braid. The Christogram, JHS, is beneath this first fleur de lis. It has a long cross rising from the center. Rays shoot out from behind the monogram, created by metallic gilt braid and hand sewn sequins or paillettes. (sequins do need to be reinforced in places; as do the braid outlines. There are three matching fleur de lis cascading downward to finish the motif.

The back is a reinforcement to the textile added much later in it's life. It is of red cotton (a few light spots) and you can see the basting stitches on the front of the gilt edging braid.

The textile is in good antique condition; please read details above and study the pictures as they are the best description.

It would make a stunning backdrop to a small devotional space or for a collection of reliquaries or sacred hearts.

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