This item is SOLD ***Antique 18th Century Framed Religious Monastery Work Reliquary, St Peter

A poignant and beautiful monastery work, it dates from 1780-1790, originating from a private French collection. The Biblical passage of Matthew 26:34 is illustrated: "Yeshua answered him and said, “Amen, I say to you that in this night, before a cock will crow three times, you will deny me.”

This type of work was prolific in late 18th century France. Very individual and creative, each example is a work of patience, prayer and love. The monks used bits and pieces of worn out books, papers and clothing (which was donated to monasteries and convents by the noblesse) to create devotional art that was sumptuous and textural.

The octagonal shaped sheet of vellum serves as the background. The face and hands of St. Peter, as well as the rooster have been gathered from an old engraving. Delicate coloring is added to St. Peter's face and the rooster. The green "hill's" are also old engravings which have been painted with watercolor and embellished with bits of fabric. The flowers have been hand painted. St. Peter's robes are of two patterns of creme colored silk fabric. The black outlines have been meticulously cut from an old engraving. The veil at the top is also of creme silk fabric. Thin bits of hand cut gilt paper outline the fabric. St. Peter's halo has been cut from a gilt paper foil. There is a hand cut banner at the bottom, gleaned from an old book, "S. Petrvs Penitens"

The reliquary devotional work has been placed in a plain black wooden frame under glass (late 19th century). There is a hand cut black paper mat framing the image (hard to date without taking the frame apart). The back has had reinforcement paper and tape applied from our era today. It measures 9" x 7" (including the frame) the vellum reliquary image 5 1/4" x 3 3/4". The work itself is in very good antique condition. The frame has a chip at the top right edge and some slight wear to black stain/paint.

The eighteenth century monastery work is becoming harder and harder to find. This is an exquisite and unique example.

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