This item has SOLD** Antique 18th Century Spanish Double Face Hand Painted Reliquary San Juanito and Dolorosa

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***An absolutely entrancing reliquary, it holds the vibrant images of Our Lady of Sorrows and Saint John the Baptist. It originates from Spain and dates circa 1760.

One side holds an eloquent oil painting under glass of Mater Dolorsa (Our Lady of Sorrows), which is a key figure in Marian art in the Catholic Church. She is painted with a downcast regard, as a sharp sword pierces her heart. Her outer robes are of the most brilliant shade of deep blue; her plain brown inner robe of a somber brown. Her facial details are expertly expressed, her eyes are large and heavy with sorrow, her brows furrowed with pain and sadness. There is a beautiful radiant halo surrounding her head. The background is somber and dark, reflecting the somberness of her sorrow.

The reverse side holds a striking oil painting under glass of Saint John the Baptist. Pictured in a pastoral setting, he reflects the coming events of Christ's life (represented by the lamb and the large cross). His expression is that of deep thought. His billowing robe holds brilliant colors of vermillion and mustard. The sky seems to open up above him as if the heavens are looking down upon him. The trees and grass are in very deep greens and blues. There is a gold ring halo above his head.

The reliquary form is made of a 3/8" silver plate oval framing mount into which thick hand made glass wafers insert to form the front and the back. The large oval medallion is suspended by a short chain attached to a top mount. It measures 2 1/2" wide, 2 3/4 long, 3/8" thick.

It is in very good condition for it's advanced age: There is scratching to the glass on each side. There are dings and irregular formation to the silver as is expected with advanced age and use. There is loss of paint around the edges (top right and left) of the Dolorosa side. It is in solid condition and the colors remain brilliant.

It is a beautiful Spanish example, with exceptional painted imagery and symbolism.

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