This item has SOLD Antique 19th Century Bronze and Glass French Religious Veilleuse Church Lamp

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***This is an absolutely stunning votive lamp, with each panel entirely filled by bezel set glass stones. It originates from France and dates circa 1880.

The frame is of bronze. It is a simple frame serving only as a base for the magnificent number of individual bezel set glass stones. Each of the four panels has a honeycomb network frame of bezels which old over 100 glass stones. In total over 400 hand set stones were used. The two red sides have the Christogram JHS with a cross rising from the center in clear glass stones. The Two blue sides have the monogram for Mary in a beautiful curving script worked in clear glass stones. There are four curving scrolls which attach to a large globe at the bottom. There is an inner ring for holding a glass votive candle (the votive did not survive with the lamp). The original four piece chain, attaching to a large ring survives (this was used for hanging the veilleuse from a hook).

It measures: 9" tall (globe to cross tip), each panel 6 1/2" x 2 3/4". It is in very good antique condition; the metal frame has darkened with age and smoke (from the incense and candles burned in the church).

It is an unusual example, with a magnificently radiant presence.

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