THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***Antique 19th Century French Gilded Brass Sacred Heart Ex Voto Reliquary with Engraved Provenance

**This item has sold.** This is an exquisite sacred heart ex voto with provenance engraved on the inside....."Reconnaisance a N.D. D"Arcachon HL de MDA 24 Avril 1882".

The face is entirely engraved with a large central "M" with a radiant cross rising from the center. There is a cross bar through the "M" with half rosettes at each end. Fern leaves flank the initial. The outer edge of the upper heart is finely framed by a gilded brass braid. The joint between the heart face and the flame has a triple ring and the back heart half has a beveled outer edge. There is a small ring mounted to the back of the flame and a large ring threaded through this.

It measures: 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" It has a brilliant patina. The back heart has light wear as is typical with age and use. The door opens and closes properly.

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