Antique 19th Century Gilded French Bronze and Glass Ecclesiastic Religious Candle Shade Ornament

SOLD A fine, authentic antique example, it is adorned by 9 stars symbolize love, faith, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.

When lit by a candle flame at the back, this glorious cobalt blue glass wafer would have been simply radiant. This ornament would have mounted on a standing base or to a wall panel. It bears the monogram for Mary, "M" with a rising cross from the center. The ornament originates from the south of France and dates circa 1880.

It has a large face, measuring 4 1/8" in diameter. The outer bronze circular support is made of gilded bronze, it serves as a support for the upper cross and the bottom mounting insert. Nine gilded bronze stars are mounted atop this support. Each one is encrusted with clear glass stones and a central blue glass stone. Pretty incised brass flowers join the stars to the inner mount. The blue glass medallion is supported by a 1/4" textured gilded bronze frame. It is held in place by tiny bezel teeth.

The budded cross is embellished with four blue glass stones and one clear glass stone. The total measurements are 4" wide, 5 1/2" tall and 5/8" thick. It is in very good antique condition, in original state with no cracks to blue glass and all stones present. One bezel tooth is bent to the side.

It is a spectacular ornament.

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