This item has SOLD**Antique Nineteenth Century French Silver Sacred Heart Holy Water Flacon with Chain


A precious Holy Water flacon, it originates from a very fine French collection in the south of France and dates circa 1880.

This example would have been used for private devotion or for private services by the Parish priest. The resplendent heart silver heart form is richly adorned around the front sides with hand engraved flowers and leaves. The central initials, "AM", Ave Marie, are heavily hand tooled using horizontal marks placed close together. There is a large cross rising from the center, reaching up toward the flame. The neck of the heart bears the sanglier hallmark, .925 silver. The flame is very deeply grooved all the way into the inner opening.

The opening reveals the thickness of the heart. There is a model match number, VVIII, on the upper edge. The flame works into the mouth with threads, allowing it to close tightly. The link chain (mix of metals) is still present. The voto could have been worn around the neck, or suspended in a devotional corner over a lit candle.

It measures: 3 1/2" tall, 1 7/8" wide and 3/4" thick. It is in very good antique condition: we chose to leave the original patina of aging; it can be polished to a brighter patina. There is a point of indentation at the bottom right near the tip as is typical with these votos. There is light scratching and wear in accordance with age and use.

This Sacred Heart flacon has a very spiritual presence, one of prayer, belief and peace.

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