This item has SOLD Antique Nineteenth Century Gilded French Sacred Heart Ex Voto Reliquary

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***An exceptional sacred heart ex voto, the face is entirely filled by very fine engraved detailing. It originates from a private voto collection in Paris and dates circa 1880. It is a large example, measuring 4 1/4 x 2 1/4; 1" thick.

Large examples such as this were often given to a particular parish, to be displayed near a particular Santos statue, in thanksgiving for prayers answered.

It is the work of a fine metal atelier. The form is heavily domed, creating a large interior pocket or box. The face has an elaborately engraved initials "AM" for Marie. The "M" is intersected with an upside down "A". The wide portions of the initials are hand tooled with dots and scallops. There is a cross rising from the center which is hand tooled with horizontal lines. Beautiful lilies and leaves flank either side, joining at the bottom center. The flame is deeply grooved. The outer edge of the heart face has a small lip which is hand tooled with repeating dashes. The extreme outer edge has a braided metal roping. The voto opens to reveal a magnificent patina in a very rich, burnished gold.

It is in very good antique condition: the patina is brilliant, there is a bit of verde gris in the grooves of the flame and the metal roping. The back half has a 1/4" indentation (oval) on the top left shoulder (10 o'clock position) as is typical with large voto which have been displayed over a period of time. The heart opens and closes properly.

It is a resplendent sacred heart with a sacred past.


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