THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** EXQUISITE Antique Nineteenth Century Velvet Stumpwork Embroidery French Ecclesiastic Chasuble

This item has SOLD.

The absolutely sumptuous velvet background gives a rich and noble appearance to the exquisite embroidery. This priest's chasuble dates towards 1900 and originates from a small French vestment collection.

The embroidery work is stunning. The brilliant Lyon silk threads are (in luscious hues of emerald green, spring green, rose, claret, pink, French blue, sienna brown and burnt umber) are embroidered onto a silk panel to produce a Renaissance inspired design. The pink flowers are executed in stumpwork and the crowns are exquisitely embellished with gilt thread embroidery. The blue flowers have silver metallic threads woven into the petal work.

The two embroidered panels are very fine with a continuing theme of a vine and leaves encircling blue and pink flowers. On the back panel (this panel would have been the back of the chasuble which was most important as it was seen by the people during the procession) are two octagonal stars; one with the initial "M" for Mary (crowned) and above this the Christogram IHS. The front panel repeats the design of the back in a long vertical panel with three octagonal stars (two holding the crowned "M" and one with the Christogram IHS).

The back panel features a spectacular stumpwork Agnus Dei (In Christian iconography, an Agnus Dei is a visual representation of Jesus as a lamb, since the Middle Ages, usually holding a standard or banner with a cross). The lamb is fashioned with coils of silver thread which give a very life like appearance. His legs are formed from very fine silver wire which is stitched to have a rounded appearance. The standard or flag is sumptuously embroidered. A gilded braid frames this medallion in a window like fashion. There is 1/2" flat silk braid (repeating clover) outlining the cross front and back.

The lining to the chasuble is of red polished cotton (not the original, as the linings were replaced due to wear and use). Please study the pictures as there is tearing (results of cigarette ash we think) and a few burn holes to the lining fabric (does not effect the front panels at all). The outer edge of the chasuble has a 1/4" gilt and red braid.

The vestment measures: back panel 47" long, front panel 41", at the middle it is 24" wide. The embroidered panels are 6 1/2" wide, the Agnus Dei medallion is 7" x 6". The front panels are in very good antique condition: the embroidery is intact and bears the original brilliant colors; the lamb has one small bit of silver coils missing at the bottom shoulder. The lining has wear from use and ashes as it mentioned above (this textile can be rebacked but we chose to leave this decision to the final owner). Please study all the photos as they are the best description; we are happy to furnish further photos if wished.

This is a fine Agnus Dei example, rich in symbolism and history.

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