LARGE Antique 19th Century Gilded Bronze Reliquary Frame with Silver Italian Voto

SOLD An extraordinary and rare large reliquary frame, it is embellished with very large and brilliant glass stones. The silver ex voto inside the reliquary box is Italian, and it is placed on a gilt stumpwork chasuble fragment. It originates from a Parisian collection and dates towards 1890. The silver voto dates towards 1860.

The form is of cast bronze which has been heavily gilded. The 1 1/2" wide border has a lace work quality, with delicate scrolls, circles, flowers and arabesques. There are eight large oval faceted glass stones which are bezel set (sapphire, emerald and ruby glass) The stylized flowers which give a scalloped appearance to the edge are embellished with emerald, sapphire and ruby glass stones. The reliquary box has a gilded bronze 1/4" ormolu mount with repeating raised ovals. Thick glass is mounted underneath the mount. The box formed at the back is 1/2" thick. The model number is stamped at the back center (80).

The box opens from the back. The Italian ex voto is of silver and is delicately hand cut. There is small blue ribbon around the neck of the flame. The chasuble remnant is of creme silk with exquisite gilt metallic stumpwork. The large flower has gilt paillettes at the center. The outer frame is especially beautiful when seen from the back. The glass stones are faceted on the back as well which gives them a magnificent brilliance.

It measure:7 1/2 x 7 1/4". The reliquary box is 3 1/2" in diameter. The large glass stones are 1/2" long. It is in very good antique condition with a brilliant patina. The stones are all present, there are no chips or cracks to the glass.

It is a lavish example from the gilded period in French ecclesiastic ornamentation.

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