This Item has SOLD***Large Antique Nineteenth Century Gilded Brass Mother of Pearl Sacred Heart Ex Voto

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***This is a gorgeous example with an elegant arched flame. It originates from a private collection in the south of France and dates towards 1880.

It has an unusual presentation in that it has a double layer underneath the mother of pearl wafer. This extra mount gives an enormous presence to the voto. The gilded brass outer heart is encrusted with 1/4” clear glass stones (bezel set). A one half inch gilded mount provides a platform for a second row of clear bezel set rhinestones. The mother of pearl wafer is a high quality piece which reflects wave-like patterns in rainbow colors. The initial “M” is set with the tiniest of clear stones (some light tarnish). The flame has seven pointed arms which rise from the bottom in a feather pattern. It also has an unusual arched curve backward which gives an additional depth to the piece. Each delicate arm of the flame is set with large to small clear glass stones. The door has the model number stamped on the back (9). There is a number written in manuscript on the back of the MOP, 19. The interior shows the fine workmanship in regards to the stone settings. This would have been a jeweler-made example evidenced by the elaborate individual slots for each stone and the heaviness of the overall piece. There is a mounted ring at the back for threading a chain or ribbon.

It measures: 5 1/4” x 2 1/2”, standing 3/4” high from the tabletop. It is in very good antique condition: no cracks to the MOP, all stones present, just light tarnish to the “M” (could be unattached and cleaned but our preference is to leave the original patina).

It is a marvelous and authentic sacred heart of large stature and atelier workmanship quality. These large examples were most often custom pieces, ordered by an individual and given to a local parish in thanksgiving or remembrance. It is truly a sacred and precious piece of devotional nineteenth century art.

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