This item has SOLD**RARE Antique Nineteenth Century French Silver Sacred Heart Ex Voto Initial, J (Jesus)

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD** A large and splendid example, it bears a rare single monogram, "J" for Jesus. It originates from a large sacred heart collection in Paris and dates circa 1890. It was made for a specific adornment, as it does not open, nor serve as a flacon. It would have hung or mounted on a particular altar space or niche within the church, most likely given as a thanksgiving for a miracle given or prayer answered.

It measures 4 1/4" tall, 2 1/4" wide and 7/8" thick. It bears the French silver hallmark, the sanglier, at the back neck ring (9.25 guarantee mark ...silver mixed with 7.5 percent other metals, copper, nickel or zinc).

It has a brilliant patina and a very sharply curved heart shape. The top shoulders meet together at the center in a sharp "V". The very large initial covers 2/3 of the face height. Hand tooled repeating dashes, "V"'s run in horizontal lines to create a very deeply textured initial, "J" (for Jesus). Flowing palm fronds, crossing at the bottom center, float upward. Each frond is meticulously hand engraved. The flame is deeply grooved, there is a bail at the back which would have been used for mounting or hanging.

It is in very good antique condition: light scratching to faces as is typical with age and use, light tarnish to flame (can be polished). This is a cast object so their are mold pinholes at the bottom point and underneath the flame to the right and left (curve).

It is an impressive Sacred Heart, with a rare single monogram initial.

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