THIS ITEM HAS SOLD** RARE Antique Nineteenth Century French Silver Sacred Heart Ex Voto with Hand Engraved Religious Temple

**THIS ITEM HAS SOLD** A very detailed depiction of a large temple adorns the entire face of this beautiful sacred heart. It originates from a small French collection and dates towards 1890. It originates from a large collection of unusual sacred hearts purchased in France.

The engraving is intricate, capturing the details of windows, doors, tiled domes and stone paving stones. The engraving was executed by hand, which is amazing as all the tooling is so very miniscule. The flame is lovely with deep groove, the heart itself is extra thick which gives depth to the engraved image. The heart is silver plated but bears no hallmarks. There is a mounted ring at the back for hanging.

It measures 2 5/8" x 1 3/8", 5/8" thick. It is in good antique condition: slight indentations on back half as is typical of these older pieces, light silver loss to front and back, some fine scratch marks; we have not polished it, it can be polished to a higher patina.

Authentic ex voto are precious; ex voto with unusual engraved images are rare.

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