THIS ITEM IS SOLD*** Antique 19th Century French Gilded Brass Sacred Heart Rayonnant

**This item has sold.** A striking sacred heart voto, it is surrounding by a fanfare of outward reaching rays (called "rayonnant). It originates from a collection in the south of France and dates towards 1910.

The cast metal form has great detailing. The rounded heart shape face is delicately engraved with the initials "ND" (Notre Dame) and a central scepter with a crown and fleur de lis at the top. There are two other initials, "DE" between to the left and right of the scepter (which stood for the name of the particular parish). The flame is deeply grooved with a texturing applied which gives a life-like form. The 19 rays (1 1/2" long) have two different levels which give an illuminated effect to the gilded brass. There is a door at the back which is stamped with the model number (197). The door closes properly but will open up when the heart is picked up.) Both the door and the facing heart are matched with engraved numerals "XI".

The entire voto measures 5" x 5", the heart alone measures 3 1/4" x 1 3/4", the heart is 5/8" thick. It is in very good antique condition: some loss of gilding on face of heart, the back door closes but will open up if the voto is picked up (The interior band can be bent slightly outward to tighten the closure....we chose to leave the voto in its original state as it has survived in history.

The rayonnant heart is not often found. This is a splendid antique example with provenance to a particular parish in the south of France.

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