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A spectacular beauty, the gilt wash over silver imparts an extraordinary patina. This ex voto originates from France and dates towards 1880.

Vermeil is the term for gilt wash over silver. It was used extensively in France during the period of Napoleon III into 1890. This sacred heart has a magical finish. The silver shines through in the flat portions which gives the gilt engraved design an air of floating across the face of the heart. This two-toned countenance is rare in a French sacred heart.

The face is entirely filled by delicate hand tooled engraving. Two large roses with stems and leaves curve up both sides. A very large initial, "M" for Marie had a very tall radiating cross rising from the center. The engraving is executed with tiny hatch marks which allow the design to stand out with depth and texture. The flame is deeply grooved and has a mounted ring at the back for threading a ribbon or chain. The interior is heavily gilded with a matte finish, giving the appearance of fine silk. The voto bears two hallmarks; the word "Depose" (patent mark) and the Sanglier silver hallmark.

It measures: 4 5/8" x 2 3/8" and is 1 1/8" thick. It is in beautiful antique condition: very, very light scratching to back typical of age and use. The patina remains brilliant; the door opens and closes properly.

These precious votos are representatives of faith, hope and belief in healing (prayers answered, miracles given). The box form is specific to France, being used to hold a handwritten intention or prayer. Each voto has its own special spirit, having played small part in devotional history.

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