THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Engraved Inscription 1892 Antique French Mother of Pearl and Silver Communion Crucifix Cross

**This item has sold.** This precious crucifix bears the engraved initials and date on the back, "JL" 25 7bre(Septembre) 1892. It originates from the south of France. This genre of crucifix was typically given for a first communion.

Iridescent mother of pearl makes a fitting backdrop for the exquisite silver figure of Christ. The figure is very detailed and finely worked. There is a silver crown behind His head and a silver banner above, "INRI" (this stems from the Latin phrase 'Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum' meaning 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews'.). Fancy silver ormolu mounts cap each end of the cross. The mounts consist of repeating fleur de lis with circles in between. This pattern gives a lace-work appearance. There is a final at the top onto which a silver ring is mounted, for threading a chain or ribbon.

The back of the crucifix is a flat plate of silver onto which the engraved provenance is placed at the center. The silver cap mounts are even more beautiful on to of the silver.

The measurements are: 3 1/2" tall (bottom finial to top final) Christ measures 1 1/2" tall. The crucifix is 1/8" thick; with Christ figure 1/4" thick. It is in very good antique condition: we have not polished it, the finials could be polished to a lighter patina.

To find a crucifix with an inscription is especially poignant; it dates this object to a particular person and date. This provenance reminds us of history, faith and devotion of all humans throughout the passage of time.

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