THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Large Antique 19th Century French Double Sacred Heart Framed Reliquary Ex Voto

**This item has sold.** A very large example, measuring 5 3/4" x 4 1/2", it dates between 1870 and 1800. It originates from Paris.

The two hearts are fashioned from silk. The red one represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a gilt braid crown of thorns crossing the center. The white heart represents that of the Virgin Mary. It is pierced with a gilt fabric sword and has a band of flowers across the center. There is a wooden cross at the top center which is covered in gilt fabric. A hand cut ring of gilded fabric forms an outer band of vines and thorns around the very outer edge. The background is of a rich, black fabric.

The entire design is placed under a thick, domed glass. There is a brass framing mount which holds each half (the design and the glass) together. The back is of a metal plate which has an interesting mottled patina due to age. It is in very good antique condition: there are no chips or cracks to the glass, the interior design is still in good order with brilliant colors.

This type of reliquary, voto was originally purchased at a religious shop. The size is extraordinary and rare (most examples are small).

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