THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Spectacular Antique Nineteenth Century French Bejeweled Gilded Brass Sacred Heart Ex Voto

**This item has sold** This is a stunning and authentic antique sacred heart ex voto. It originates from a small collection purchased in the Champagne region of France and dates towards 1880.

It is in amazing condition for it's advanced age!! The gilded brass body has a glorious patina. The outer edge of the voto is set with 31 (bezel set) clear faceted glass stones. The front of the heart is shaped with a pronounced arch which sets off the very large "M" (for Mary). The scrollwork initial is set with 34 tiny (bezel set) clear glass stones. The initial is large, measuring 1 1/4" tall. The flame has a pretty arch at the center which gives depth and an addition 2-D appearance. It is set with 41 (bezel set) clear glass stones (two missing small stones).

The door opens with a small thumb latch at the left. The interior is richly gilded with an amazing patina. The back of the heart has a mounted ring into which a hanging ring is threaded (for placing a ribbon or chain). The heart measures:4 1/2" x 2 3/8" and sits 1" tall from the tabletop. It is in very good antique condition with only the two missing stones noted.

The sacred heart devotion is such a special part of French religious history. These surviving examples bear witness to hope, faith, prayer and love. They have a special ambiance and energy and are truly sacred relics from the past.

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