THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Vintage French Congress Marial Boulogne 1938 Sacred Heart Ex Voto

**This item has sold** This beautiful sacred heart ex voto celebrated (in 1938) a very ancient religious event. The four day event, Marial Congress of Boulogne-Sur-Mer was attended by Cardinal Lienat and 200,000 people. These hearts adorned wide fishing nets which were displayed in the Basilica. The votos were created in remembrance of King Louis XIII, who in 1638, consecrated the crown, his subjects and himself to the Virgin Mary.

The shape of the heart is extra thick, with a convex shape. One side reads, Congress Marial, Boulogne, 1938, the reverse side has a large white banner which reads,Le Coeur que je depose O Vierge en Votre main, Tient ma priere enclose, Benissez-la demain. (this heart that I place in your hands, O Virgin, holds my prayer, Bless it tomorrow). A signature is still partially visible below this, written in brown ink, ‘Henri Edouard Dutoir Ev d’Arras ‘ (Bishop of Arras) Boulogne et Saint Omer. The heart opens into two joined halves (joined by a ring which threads through each mount). The interior is shimmering brass.

The voto measures:2 1/2" x 2" x 1" thick. It is in good antique condition with authentic patina consistent with age and use. The gilding has worn from the two outer faces. The heart is sound with no bends or "dings".

It is a beautiful sacred heart with a very interesting provenance to a specific time and place.

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