Stunning Antique Nineteenth Century Cobalt Blue Candle Shade Ornament

SOLD The brilliant blue central glass surrounded by clear and sapphire blue glass stones is simply magnificent. This candle shade ornament originates from the south of France and dates towards 1880.

These shimmering ornaments were placed on a bronze stand with a place for a candle at the back. When the candle was lit, rays of glorious light would shine forth placing rich glints of blue and sparkles of glass upon the walls and surface of the church niche. These ornaments are specific to nineteenth century France, a time period of the utmost in luxury and gilded beauty in religious ornamentation. They were often the work of a local jeweler, who would fashion the form and set the stones into the metal form such as one would do with a fine necklace or brooch.

The frame of this piece is of bronze. A central etched glass wafer depicts an “M” for Mary with a cross rising from the center. Each arm of the surrounding star is set with large, clear glass stones. There are four crescents set with rich cobalt blue glass stones. The bottom has a small flower with clear glass stones and a central cobalt stone. Two flanking leaves are set with clear stones to finish the bottom design.. The lower back has a central mount which would fit into a stand.

It measures: 4” x 4”. It is in very good antique condition: no noted cracks to the central glass, the form is solid.

It is an elegant example from a period of lavish church ornamentation and a precious bit of religious art of the 19th century.

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