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This French sacred heart ex voto is a beautiful combination of gilded brass and shimmering glass stones. It originates from a fine collection found in Paris and dates circa 1890.

The sacred heart ex voto was widely used in the latter half of the 19th century in Italy, France, and Spain. While Spanish and Italian votos are silver, the French used heavy gilding and large amounts of glass stones. The French heart is in the form of a box, which was used to hold a handwritten prayer, thanksgiving or intention.

This example has a three tiered form which is based upon a 1/4" wide, gilded bronze heart shaped central band. Around the band at the bottom is a gilded bronze framing mount which holds 32 clear glass stones (bezel set). A second heart shaped tier of 32 clear glass stones sits atop a matching mount at the center. The central fluted brass heart shape is framed and mounted by an elaborate turn-in which consists of repeating acanthus leaves.

The flame is large and is radiant with 35 clear glass stones ranging is size from small to large. The back "door" has a model number, (10) and a small thumb latch. On the outer edge of the latch is a square maker's mark indicating that this was a custom made example from a metal atelier (workshop). There is a large mounted ring at the back for threading a ribbon or chain.

It measures: 4 3/8" x 2 1/8", 1/2" thick. It is in very good antique condition with a brilliant patina and all stones present.

The fluted brass inset is very unusual. It is an absolutely stunning French ex voto.

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