This item has SOLD*** Large Antique 19th Century Gilded Brass French Sacred Heart Ex Voto

***This item has sold*** A rare HUGE sacred heart with a rising cross (8" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" thick), it originates from a private collection in Paris and dates circa 1890.

The history of the Sacred Heart ex voto has roots to the representation of the physical heart of Jesus as a symbol of his divine love for humanity. The French and Italian sacred heart come in various forms--with flames, with a crown, with a dagger through the center and sometimes with a crown of thorns--and all represent the same thing, Jesus' compassion for humanity.

This large example is engraved with the crown of thorns. The engraving is very detailed with much hand tooled work. At the center are the large initials, "SC" (Sacre Coeur). There is a large block style cross rising from the flame (this form is one of the rarest to find). The flame is deeply grooved and has a mounted ring on the back side for hanging a chain. The voto opens in a clam shell fashion as is typical to the French sacred heart. Handwritten prayers or intentions were placed inside. The inner halves of each heart shape each have a matching model number of "III".

It is in very good antique condition. The patina is brilliant and the engraving visible and vivid.

It is a spectacular example of the nineteenth century French Sacred Heart Ex Voto.

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