Beautiful Antique Nineteenth Century French Gilded Brass Religious Diadem Santos Crown

****SOLD***This type of Santos crown is known as a diadem. The diadem crown originates to Biblical times, beginning as a cloth headband, sometimes adorned with jewels. It was formerly worn by monarchs in Asia Minor and other parts of the East as a sign of royal dignity or authority. In Christian iconography, (in an early mosaic in Ravenna, Italy), virgins present a crown to the child and Mary as a gesture of humility. The Three kings presented their crowns to the newly born Jesus as a symbol of secular power submitting to Christ.

The gilded brass/bronze diadem is specific to France in the 19th Century. This fine example has delicate cast work presenting arches, flowers, Baroque arabesques and half globes across the diadem face. There is a very large emerald faceted glass stone (surrounded by clear stones: one missing stone at the top) in the center with a cascading festoon of (large to smaller) emerald green glass stones (one missing small stone) to the bottom right and left. There are two flowers which are formed by rose and white glass stones. Clear glass stones are interspersed throughout the design. The bottom band has a channel which is filled by 22 clear glass stones.

The back band has "empty" circles at the right and left which are used to adjust the crown (to a specific statue) in closure (closing with a ribbon or wire). The crown measures: 2 1/2" tall a the middle, cascading downward to 1/2" tall at either end. It is a solid and heavy (for it's size) form.

It is in very good antique condition; a couple of missing stones as mentioned above. The gilded patina is still brilliant.

The large central stone gives an extra brilliance to the countenance. It is a fine French example, which once graced the noble head of a santos statue Madonna.

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