Antique Nineteenth Century Gilded Bronze French Religious Santos Crown

A magnificent example of a Royal Crown, it was fashioned to adorn the head of a life size Santos Christ Child. It originates from a fine collection in Paris, France and dates circa 1900.

The very intricate and detailed work which forms the bands, globe and wide panels is known as filigree. It is an amazing combination of arabesques, scrolls, half globes and curves that combine together to form a solid, yet airy form. Starting from the face of the crown we see a wide flat panel (this panel is repeated on the opposite side). The panel is ornamented with clear glass stones and arches of ruby glass stones with flowers formed by green glass stones. Five bands attach to this panel and arch over to the opposite side. A cross band weaves from left to right atop the bands. Each band is embellished with green, red, and clear glass stones. The globe at the top is formed by two flower forms. A solid Maltese cross (symbolizing Christ's reign over the world) is set with a single ruby stone (symbolizing His blood shed for us). The bottom band forms a channel of hexacomb onto which green and red stones are bezel mounted.

There is a cross bar at the bottom which has one slot which serves as a mount receiver. It measures:4 1/2" tall, 3" in diameter across the bottom opening. It is in very good antique condition; slight irregular bends to the metal as they were hand formed. The patina is brilliant, all stones are present. Please study the photos to best appreciate the intricacy of the filigree work.

It is one of the most beautiful Infant Jesus crowns that we have had the pleasure to find. The heavy metal, appearing as gilded lace, give it a ethereal and noble bearing.


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