THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** Antique Nineteenth Century French Gilded Brass Madonna Santos Diadem Crown

**This item has sold.** A stunning Santos diadem from the period of Napoleon III, it dates towards 1870. It originates from a small collection in the south of France.

Gilded brass crowns are specific to France between the dates of 1840-1890. Even the smallest of churches had Santos statues which were adorned with glorious crowns befitting of heaven.

This glimmering beauty truly portrays the imagined brilliance of heaven. The bottom band is set with aquamarine glass stones. An incredible and very tall network of gilded brass forms the diadem. Arabesques, scrolls, half globes and crescents form together in a tapestry pattern. Ruby, emerald and clear glass (bezel set) stones embellish the diadem form. There is a large central flower with a cabochon (faceted) ruby stone surrounded by clear glass stones. Two flowers are set on either side, set with emerald and clear glass stones. The extensive use of glass stones give the crown an incredible appearance when viewed from below.

There is a model number (600) and a maker's stamp on the back band. There is one notch to hold the band together (there is a gilt wire which wraps to keep the band closed, this is removable and only serves to keep the band from bending). It measures: 4 1/4" in diameter, 2 3/4" tall at the center tapering to 1" at either side. It is in very good antique condition. There is one small arabesque missing at the bottom right just under the red arch. It is sound and heavy and holds the original form.

Produced at a master workshop, with the maker's stamp, it would have been purchased by a parishioner for donation (usually in honor, thanksgiving or remembrance) to their local parish. It is an amazing piece of religious art and accessory from the period of Napoleon III.

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