TINY Antique Nineteenth Century French Silver Sacred Heart Ex Voto

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SOLD The small and precious treasure holds within the interior pocket, a hand cut silver bouquet of three roses. The pocket is specific to French ex voto sacred hearts, and were used to hold handwritten intentions, prayers and thanksgivings. The voto bears three hallmarks, which indicate a quality example made in a professional atelier. The small size allowed for the sacred heart to be worn as a pendant.

As the vast majority of French sacred heart voto are over 4" tall, it is very rare to find one in this petite size. Also a rarity, are the three stamped hallmarks: the patent mark (depose), silver hallmark (sanglier) and the maker's mark (diamond shape with three initials). It measures 1 3/4" x 3/4". It originates from the south of France and dates circa 1890.

The face has a beautifully monogramed block-style "M" for Mary with a rising cross at the center. Fern leaves, which are engraved using very fine tools and delicate markings, flank the left and right of the initial. The flame is extra large, almost as tall as the heart shape (heart 1 1/4" and flame 3/4"). The hallmarks are found on the left side of the bottom heart form. There is a mounted ring at the back which would have been used to thread a chain or ribbon.

It is in very good antique condition; the door opens and closes normally, the exterior has been polished but the interior and the roses remains beautifully darkened from time passed.

The interior object placed inside the voto, so very, very long ago, gives great curiosity as to the prayer or intention that accompanied the beautiful silver roses.

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