RARE Antique 18th Century French Hand Carved Tabernacle Door

SOLD This eighteenth century hand carved tabernacle door, dating around 1760, originates a small parish in the south of France.

Many small parish churches are no longer viable in the modern world. The beautiful objects which served in the parish are often cast aside as the doors are closed forever. It is always a special privilege to find an sacred object which has been saved.

The door is thick, measuring a solid one inch. The oak wood has taken on a handsome deep patina with the passing of time. The very high relief carving is simply beautiful, with Christ as the center, and radiating beams fanning out behind him. The detailing in Christ's robe has deep folds and delicate curves. A fancy carved ruffled ribbon scroll frames this center image.

There is an old iron lock face (the lock is not present). There is one iron latch remaining. The thick wood has split at some point during it's history and there are very old iron pieces which were added for stability.

It measures: 12" tall x 7 1/2" wide. The carving is executed with a depth of 1" for the central figure and 1/4" for the ribbon. It is in very good antique condition for it's extreme age.

The simple, yet detailed carving and the heaviness of the wood give it such a rich patina. It is a spectacular example.

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