This Item has SOLD**Antique Eighteenth Century French Hand Carved Wooden Tabernacle Door

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***This is an exquisite work of decorative religious art from the late 18th century (towards 1790). It originates from the Provence region of France.

This door is a solid, carved one (it is heavy), from a thick plank into a square shape which is has a slightly curved face. The chalice is very simply depicted and is heavily gilded (layers and layers of gilt leaf .....the patina is just magical). The rectangular panel underneath the chalice is 1/2" deep. The face of the door has a gilt leaf patina over red paint. This gilt leaf was muted by a dark wax which was used over the face of the door so that the gilt chalice stood out in importance.

The back is exquisite. Heavy gilt leaf has been placed over the entire design. There is a central rectangular panel which has a hand etched pattern of repeating large and small flowers. When you turn the door over, expecting it to be plain, this magnificent gilding is a spectacular surprise (how it would have radiated light in a dark church!). The old lock is still in place, but sadly, no key. The inner edge of the door has been painted with red. The top pins of the hinge (iron) still remain.

It measures:14" x 9" x 1 1/2" thick. The carved chalice measures 9" tall. It is in very good antique condition: Some chipping to the gilt leaf mainly on the outer front of the door; and wear to the gilt leaf (the red paint beneath shows through), some wear to gilt leaf on the back.

It is an unusual example which has amazingly survived over 200 years.

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