This item has SOLD** Antique Nineteenth Century French Religious Convent Work Chalice Veil

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** The four panels of the chalice cover are meticulously hand worked in petit point. It originates from the Champagne region of France and dates circa 1900.

Each panel has an identical hand constructed design. The outer edge has a border of green grape leaves and a cascading vine. There is a large Maltese cross at the top with two bunches of deep purple grapes beneath (two panels have green grape bunches). The chalice is worked in a beautiful mustard gold. The host is visible at the center with rays of light shining outward behind it. Each panel lining is hand stitched red cotton. Beautiful gilt metallic bouillon fringe adorns the bottom edges.

Each panel measures: 10 " x 4 3/8". It is in very good antique condition.

Convent work chalice veils are so very unique and individual. They were works of devotion and love. It is amazing to see such a beautiful veil which was entirely hand sewn with bits of fabric and thread.

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