Antique Nineteenth Century French Standing Madonna and Child Religious Figural Panel

***SOLD***An eloquent hand made convent work panel, It is adorned by gilded brass stars and flowers. It originates from the south of France and dates circa 1900.

This type of religious figural panel was popular during the early 1900's in small parishes across France. They are very individual as they were made by hand using the artistic imagination of one or two particular people. The fabrics and trims were often donated to the convents and the sisters were experts in turning unwanted scraps into marvelous objects. This genre of panel used printed chromolithograph cut outs for the heads, feet and hands.

The work started with pattern outlining the overall shape (waxed paper). Padding was placed underneath the figures giving substance to attach the cloth. You can see the sewing thread lines through the pattern on the back.

The Madonna is depicted standing with the Christ Child in her arms. Her eyes are downcast as if contemplating the path of the Child. She is adorned with a crown created from metallic braid, brass flowers and stars. Her robe is made of chocolate brown felt with a long front panel outlined in gilded braid. She has a round halo which is made of a scrap of gilt metallic gold fabric which has a double band of gilt metallic braid. In her right hand she holds two scapular (of felt and silk, hand embroidered), each of which bear the initials for Mary and Jesus. The Madonna's outer robe is fashioned from a shimmering beige fabric which has many gilt threads running horizontally. The outer edge is enhanced by a 1/4" gilt metallic braid with a fancy looping edge. The folds of her outer and inner robes are nicely done, giving depth to her figure.

The Christ Child has an exquisitely beautiful face with benevolent eyes. His hands are outstretched to the world. He has a halo of gilt metallic gold fabric which is hand embroidered with red silk thread rays. Gilded braid outlines the halo and joins to a collar of gilt metallic paillettes. His robe is of fine creme colored silk. It is adorned with tiny brass stars (each hand sewn). The deep folds are well executed and add additional depth to the figure.

It is in very good antique condition for it's fragile nature and age: There is a light fold and curving bend to the Madonna's face under the nose, The hands on the right and left are bent at the wrists, typical of age and use. The fabric and overall designs are in marvelous condition, the sewn work intact and sturdy.

It measures:23" tall, 11 1/4" wide at the bottom, 10" wide hand edge to hand edge.

It is an exquisite work of love and passion for the Madonna and Christ Child and a very precious religious textile.

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