RARE Fine Orfeverie Work Antique Bronze French Religious Santos Crown

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This crown was made in a professional metal/orfeverie workshop. It is a heavy bronze example, and bears a maker's hallmark. It originates from the south of France and dates c. 1860.

The form is very individual, having been cast from a custom hand worked mold. The form is solid and heavy. The bottom band is 1/2" wide with a flat inner channel at the center. This channel is set with deep 1/4" custom gilded brass mounts which have very fine horizontal tooling. The unusual diamond shaped crimson glass stones (custom cut) alternate with round, clear glass stones.

A looping band serves as the support for the six stylized fleur de lis (measuring 2" tall). Each flower is adorned with deep 1/4" mounts that hold oval emerald and crimson bezel cut glass stones. Alternating with the fleur de lis are round globes (3/8" tall).

The back band has four notches of adjustment. It holds the maker's hallmark (square with a star and initial) The crown measures: 2 3/4" tall, 4 1/4" in diameter when set in the first notch. It is in amazing antique condition.

We rarely see ecclesiastic crown examples of this quality which bear a fine maker's mark. This would have been a custom order, most likely by a wealthy parishioner, for donation to a particular parish in thanksgiving of prayers answered or miracles given.

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