This item has SOLD**RARE Small Antique Italian Silver and Bronze Religious Santos Crown

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD***This small "royal" crown was destined to adorn a Santos statue of the Infant Jesus. It originates from Naples, Italy and dates circa 1880.

It is very heavy for it's demure size, being cast from a mix of metals which rendered a strong, yet highly decorative form. The bottom band has two raised rings which form a channel. Repeating "jewel" forms in squares and ovals alternate inside the channel. The mid section of the crown has six wide bands which curve outward in a pronounced "flare'. Each band has a base of two arabesques which hold draping acanthus leaves at the center. A large acanthus leaves curves upward from here and ends at the top junction of the finial. The acanthus leaves have a raised tip which gives the appearance of small globes. Alternating between the bands are stylized fleur de lis with two flowers at the center. The crown has a silver plate finish (no hallmark as is typical of this era in Italy).

There is a brass globe (representing the world) with a large cross (representing Christ's reign over the world). The cross is beautiful with fan shaped edges and four rays between the arms. There is a band at the bottom for fitting a statue (one circular notch which would have mounted onto a pin). It measures: 3 1/2" tall to center of cross, 5/8" diameter across the bottom. It is in very good antique condition: the shape solid, the casting with much detail; we have not polished it, it could be polished to a higher patina.

Small examples such as this are rare in the antique market today. It is an extraordinary crown with magnificent detail.

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