Antique 19th Century French Gilded Bronze Filigree Royal Crown

****SOLD*****A resplendent Santos crown, it would have adorned the precious head of a Santos statue of the Enfant Jesus. It originates from the south of France and dates circa 1880.

This genre of religious crown is typically French, with heavy gilding, delicate scroll work and extravagant use of bezel set glass stones.

The crown retains the original crossbar spike which would have mounted into the statue's head. Six wide bands, ornamented with hand cut festoons of acanthus leaves and arabesques cascade from the center globe. The globe serves as the mount for the unusual cross (missing red stones). Each band has a large bezel set ruby stone surrounded by clear glass stones in cascading sizes. Filling the space between the bands are stylized fleur de lis which are set with green and clear stones.

Each fleur de lis is mounted to a hand worked bandeau which has rising points appearing as an inner crown. This interior space of this crown form is adorned by gilded arabesques, flowers (set with red and clear stones) and large bezel set oval emerald glass stones (with very decorative custom bezels). There is a channel formed by two hand worked large rings beneath the bands at the base of the form which is set with 33 clear glass stones.

It measures: 6" tall and 2 3/4" in diameter at the bottom, 16" in circumference at the widest point. It is in very good antique condition with amazing patina. The globe attachment allows it to move a slight bit when the crown is held. Some slight irregular bends as is typical with hand worked metal, use and advanced age.

It is an outstanding example of a very fine quality that is rarely found in today's antique market.

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