This item has SOLD*** Antique French Brass and Vermeil Laurel and Oak Leaf Wreath Crown

***THIS ITEM HAS SOLD*** A stunning crown with and interesting history, it dates towards 1900. It originates from a small collection just outside of Paris.

The oak and laurel leaves are so very delicate and life-like, of vermeil, gilt over silver. The tiny veins, the delicate edges are just amazing. There are tiny acorns as well as small berries interlaced between the leaves. The ribbon tie has small "folds" and it seems to float mid air. The medallion is at the center; it has a raised circle of leaves at the outer edge face. The leaves are individually attached to a gilded brass stem; this stem is attached to an thin oval band on the interior. The ends of the band insert into mounts on the back of the medallion.

The history is interesting as this genre of crown was given as an award or prize for competition. The different leaves symbolized different things; the oak leaves here symbolize strength and endurance (also the national tree of England, France, Germany). Oak leaves represent rank or class in military insignia. Laurel leaves represent victory and honor. These crowns are specific to France at the turn of the century.

It measures; 5" front to back and 4" side to side. The height is 3"; the individual leaves 1 1/2" long to 2" long. The ribbon 2 1/4" wide by 2" tall. We chose not to polish it; retaining the patina of history.

The copper, brown and bits of deep green which have aged with exposure to the material are magical. The history is so interesting, giving it a specific place and purpose in a very small window of time.

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